Hi T-Bone,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! We can't say that enough for all that you and the Patriot Guard did for daddy's service yesterday. Everything was done to perfection. The framed presentation from the Patriot Guard and the embroidered picture are so very special. Please send me the gentleman's name and email address so we can send him a personal thank you. (You gave me his name but the card is slipped into the frame and it is at mom's...). And the PICTURES!!! I have just gone through them. They are truly incredible and we will treasure them always!
Please convey our love and appreciation to all the group.
Thanks again,
Beverly Saldana

— Leslie Douglas


A sincere thank you again, Mr. Bewley and to the rest of the N. Tx Patriot Guard Riders.

My dad would have been so honored to have you there and we were as well. I can't express how moved we all were by your presence and for taking the time to do this beautiful and much appreciated gesture.

It made this day all the more special and we so appreciate all of the time you spent and commit to all.

God bless you and your organization,

Thank you so much.

William "Bill" Currie's family


william currie

— William Currie


I wanted to thank you after the service, but was unable to find you.

These pictures are wonderful.

Your organization helped make this a very special day. Rodger made it a point before he passed that I get you to be present at his service. The flag ceremony was something that I didn't know would happen until you called me. Your presentation was perfection and I couldn't have asked a better way to honor Rodger.

Thanks to your men for their service.


— Rodger Keyes


Edwin Farrar

— Edwin Farrar


Mark and Mike,

Thank you, these photos mean so much. Please let all of the Patriot Guard Riders know how much there service is appreciated.

(On behalf of Rick Plockot)

Thank you and God Bless
Scot Plockot

— Rick Plockot


— Ronnie Cessna


My friend, we just got home. Yes, it was another good event. The weather was tolerable, and it was a great crowd. As usual, Thanks to the PGR for helping us out. The Lelea Family are great, and I think we really surprised them. Please let your entire team know how much we appreciate them and their service. Also, thanks for the photos. Until the next event, stay cool. Thanks again!!
Ronnie Lyles

— Operation Finally Home


Dear Buster,
We would love to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you all being at the ceremony to honor my sweet dad.
He was the most wonderful and selfless he loved his family and friends.
The girl who sang Star Spangled Banner was our daughter Alana
She was in plaza show and taking singing lessons since she was 5 years old.

When my dad David was alive he always loved watching sports and loved watching someone singing star spangle Banner before sports starts.
He said he hopes someday my daughter will audition and sing National Anthem at Cleburne railroad stadium. My daughter didn't forget that she practiced for 2 weeks and did amazing.
Thank you for saying wonderful things about my daughter singing. My dad loved her more than anyone in our family. He will be so very proud of her.

Sorry long story. Anyway we love to invite you and friends to come eat at our restaurant Thai Garden Cafe Cleburne let the front know you are at restaurant we will take care of you all.
Glad you like the pastry we worried we get in trouble for bringing snacks.

You all were amazing we will always remember this moment for the rest of our lives. It was an honor to meet you and the rest of texas Patriot guard Riders
You all made my dad so special.
Thank you so much sir
Brandon and Weena Noyce

— David Ray Marcum



From the Johnson family, we want to thank your organization for honoring our loved one. Your mission of paying tribute to those who served the nation and the community is an honorable service of which will not be forgotten by our family.
Thanks again,
Gwen & David Johnson

— Ronald Johnson


Thank you so much for being there for our family and my Dad. It was special to honor him and his service to our country. The pictures and certificate will be treasured.
Warm regards,
Gwen Alford

— Willis Buchanan


On behalf of myself and my children there are no words to thank you enough. Your time and devotion to families you never met on such a sad day was very humbling and comforting to us.
Thank you for the pictures taken at the service.

Kindest regards,
Iris Wilson

— Cliffell Jeffrey Wilson


— James Gordon


Thank u ! For being there your presence made all the difference to us. I will always be grateful to the PGR and honor guard . Your group of guys are so awesome Dan would have been so proud. I hope you guys will always continue to honor our veterans.
Thank you again!

Sincerely Rosalie Westphal

— Daniel Westpahl


Hello Jeff,
Our family would like to thank you and the Patriot Guard Riders for your presence and support on yesterday. It brought our family and friends comfort to have you all there in our time of grief.
Appreciate your kind words, certificate and photos.

God bless
Michelle Dews

— Gregory Dews


Im so sorry for the delayed reply - my Vietnam sisters are still here and leaving on Sunday. So we have been spending all our time together before they head back to their own homes and lives.

Mark, thank you so much for everything you and the Patriot Guards did to honor John. Our entire family is, and will forever be, so very grateful. Everything went perfectly because of the attention to detail, the coordination and professionalism of an amazing group of guys.

The photos are amazing and I’m overwhelmed that your photographer documented John’s service in such a way. I have no words for how much that means to me. 

Will you convey my heartfelt thanks to each one of the Patriot Guards? I wish I could hug them all.

With gratitude - Debby Douglas

— John Douglas


Thank you for your service and all who participated with their servant’s heart.
May God continue to Strengthen, Cover and Bless all of the servicemen who are paying it forward!!

Best Regards,
Kendra McGee

— Eugene E. Brandon


Such fantastic pictures.  Thank you again for your efforts in laying my father to rest finally.  He would have loved seeing you there.

I'm eternally grateful the kindness the PGR has shown my family and I.


— David Daniel Garcia


Thank you so much for coming. You have no idea how much it meant to me and my family. Thank you for doing what you do.

Kristy Polen

— Jerry Ray Polen


They turned amazing! Thank you so much for everything! Patriot Guard Riders did a wonderful job of honoring my parents. Y’all are a true blessing to the families of the Veterans.

Allen Felton

— Ronald Felton


Mr. Bewley,

Thank you again for honoring my stepfather this week.  It meant the world to our family.  Please feel free to send me the link to this email address.

I am thankful to you and your organization for giving our Veterans the honor and respect they deserve.  If there is anything we can do to help your organization at any time, please feel free to reach out to me.  I am both a photographer and a graphic designer, and I prefer to donate my skills to non-profits.

Thank you again,
Linda Lou Beckman

— SFC Harry D. "Dave" Davidson


Mr. T-Bone,
When I tell you that your Team did an Exceptional and Outstanding job, I mean it from the bottom of Our Hearts. Thank you just does not seem to express our sincere gratitude for all that you have done for our family.
We love you for what you do for others. Your team showed up and showed out and blessed our family more than words can say.

Sincerely The Allen Family.(David & Pamela) and Other family members.

— Ray L. Allen, Jr. (1 of 2)



20230712 Allen Mission TY.2.png

— Ray L. Allen, Jr. (2 of 2)


Thank you all so much. It was an honoring having you guys there today. You all are a special group of people.

Donna James

— Gary Lee James



Thank you so much for the pictures and your support during the service. It was greatly appreciated by my family. We would like to make a contribution to your group. Please let me know who to send the contribution to. Thank you again for all of your help.

Cindy Alleman

— Gordon Alexander Gibb


Thank you so much! It was such an honor having you all there. You blessed us all and I know dad was blown away and saluting right back at you all!
I passed your note onto mom. I know you will be hearing from you.!
The site photos are amazing! What a blessing you all are! And even in the rain!
Best to you and all of the Patriot Riders! What an incredible mission!
God bless you all! In Jesus’ might name!

— Charlie Simpson


Dear Ken, words cannot express our gratitude for our brother Milton Ivy ceremony. The Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas will forever be in our hearts. Please extend our gratitude to all of the Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas.

Sincerely in prayer and thankfulness,

Mary Goode with friends and families of Milton Ivy

— Milton Ivy


Thank you so much, T-Bone. Today’s service was very special. Please thank the photographer for me. The pictures are outstanding.
Deanna Harrison

— Robert D. "Bob" Longshore


Thank you so much for doing this!
Kimberly Robinson

— Charles Earl Malone


Thank you so much!!!
It was a great honor to have each of you give your time to respectfully pay tribute, not just to a man, a veteran, who you had never met, yet your presence acknowledged his service and the other men and women who serve , what I believe is still the greatest country one could live in.

You all were respectful, kind and thoughtful of all in attendance. Thank you for so privately picturing the moments.
There will never be enough words to express my gratitude for what you all do.

God bless you all and this great country, a freedom we all enjoy because of men and women like my dad , and including those who may not wear the uniform, but wear the love of country and mankind.

Thank you so much. I will remember the day and all as long as I live.

Love ,
Laura and my family

— Lubbock Yardley



— SFC Johnny Dwain Moore


Thank you Wayne.
You guys made today so very special. I can't thank you enough.
Krystal Elmore (Granddaughter)

— Charles William Foretich

5/26 & 27/2023

Hello and THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating in my father's Interment at the DFW NATIONAL CEMETERY. Seeing the riders with the flags brought a tremendous sense of pride and comfort to our family. Again, thank you.

Vickie M. Watson

— SMSgt Jerry Moore


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring Lee and his family today!
These pictures are beautiful. I will most definitely make sure Danielle gets them.
I know Lee would have been so proud to know the great men of the PGR honored him today.
My sincere thanks,
Pam Rogan

— Lee Williams


— John "Jack" Westcott Wilson


Jarvis thank you

— Judge Don Jarvis, Sr


— SPC Robert Carroll Merriman, Jr


— CSM John Paul Schlebach


Thank you so much for today! I appreciate y'all so much! The service was amazing!
Thank you for the pictures.
Betty Harrison

— Clyde J. Harrison, Jr


Thank you so much Ken!! You were a blessing to us and gave great honor to my Dad. The pictures are amazing! I pray God will bless your ministry and give you many opportunities to tell others of Christ. Tell the other men involved thank you for me please!
See you at church,
John Stanley

— SMSgt John Stanley, Jr.


Thank you and your team for honoring Matt with your assistance…in everything. I know Donna, as a former Patriot Guard Rider, and her family truly appreciated her son being honored by the presence of great patriots. You made a difficult time more bearable as their son was truly honored.
Best to you,
Deputy Executive Director of Defenders of Freedom

— Matthew James Cranston


Thank you so much. It was wonderful to have the Patriot Guard to be a part of our life long memories of my husband's funeral. You helped turn a sad day into a little brighter moment for each of us. I certainly appreciate the pictures, since none of the family was capable to take any. This was very kind of you. The Patriot Guards will always hold a special place in our hearts for the honor shown to my husband, Myles Townley. Thank you again. 

— Myles Mitchell Townley


Thank you so much for those photos and for being there. It was a Beautiful service and I am proud you all were involved. Thank you so much for helping lay my daddy to rest.
Many many thanks!

- Jennifer Davis

— Alfred Harvey Davis, Jr.


Mike, I want to thank you for all your kindness! The Patriot Guard is so awesome. You guys made our day so special. We appreciate you and what you do! It was a dream come true for my family to honor my Dad in such a way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Maggi Leatherwood

— TSgt Archie Hodges


Pierce thank youPierce thank you

— Harold Robert Pierce

03/16 & 3/17/2023

I cannot thank you enough for the honoring of my husband - both you and the PGR provided at last Thursday's (Celebration of Life) and Friday's (DFW Nat'l Cemetery) services. Thank you also for the picture link. Your generous giving of time, and the presentation of incredible gifts, honoring Allen's life of service, has truly overwhelmed our family. We are forever grateful to everything each and every one of you have done. You are truly an incredible group of American-proud, patriotic, selfless gentlemen. From the bottom of our hearts, thank YOU for your service. Your presence last week was a fantastic feather in the many caps my husband wore over the years.
Warm regards,
Janine Richards


— MAJ Allen Joseph Richards


The pictures and videos are amazing.
My dad would be so proud of what y'all did for him...
*Text from son* 

— Robert Haynes


Brown thank you 2

— CSM Richard Thomas Bonsall


Good evening,
Thank you for the beautiful pictures! We appreciate everything the organization did to honor my husband.
Diana Escamilla
Many thanks to you and your crew! I also wanted to tell your group I noticed you all praying at the shelter at the conclusion of the service and I’m grateful for that. I believe the honor and glory that goes to God is what your services are all about and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of seeing that. God bless you and the guard riders-
Till next time,
Jonathan Beggs
Jaynes Memorial Chapel

— Donald Escamilla


— Jean Gregg


My dear Patriot Guard Captain,
Words can not express the appreciation for you and all your team. The respect and honor shown to my father and our family was so nice. My father would have loved it. I personally thank each and everyone of you for the great job you did.
I was not expecting a GoPro video and was so glad to see it. Actually that is why it took me 3 days to respond. So to follow up to your saying sorry you took so long to get this to me, I was more impressed with how quick I received it from you! I had to wait to watch the videos and have quiet time to go through all the pictures. LOVE them. The one of his grandsons walking him up was precious.
I have so many positive things to say but will finish with my final thought..... the PGR standing at the van saluting as my father was being moved.... that caught my brother and I's attention with so much admoration.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
You made a sad difficult time special and proud.
Thank you for what you and the PGR do to honor our Veterans.
Peace of Christ be with you all,
Teri Seaton


  Ron Brown thank you

Bonsall thank youBonsall thank you


— Ronald D. Brown


It was an honor to have the Patriot Guard Riders participate in Charles service. Please thank everyone in the group for me, we didn't have a chance to on Monday. Also, thank you guys very much for the pictures and the certificate. That was very kind and we greatly appreciate it. It truly is a wonderful service that the Patriot Guard Riders provide.
Tamera and George Price

— Charles Prock

02/24 & 02/26/2023

Good Morning Mark,
The service yesterday was absolutely beautiful! The Patriot Guard Riders were spectacular lining the walkway and the flags were beautiful.
I regret that after the service I did not have enough time to thank each any every Guard that was there. In order to witness the interment, my son and I needed to follow the Cemetery Representative.
As I prepare for tomorrow’s Celebration of Life, I was wondering if there are any photos ready. I would like to get some developed today and have framed to set out for viewing tomorrow.
Please let me know if any will be available today.
Thank you so much Mark for supporting me as we walked together to the shelter. I felt the support for me and honor the group had for Chris.
Thank you.

— Chris Richardson


John Lemons thank you

— John Ray Lemons


Haddad thank you 1Haddad thank you 2

— TSgt James Haddad


Dear Bill,
it is I who must be thankful to you and all the others for being there to support the honor bestowed on Doug. He was loyal to his country in risking his life in Viet Nam for our freedom. I know he was very honored to have been recognized for his bravery and dedication. There are no words that describe my gratitude to all who participated! May God continue to inspire and bless you in your journey of sharing His goodness and love for all of us!

— Douglas Abbittt


Hey Tbone, thanks again for the pictures and the respect y'all paid to Dad. Very appreciated.
Wayne Pogue

— Vaughn Pogue

02/10 & 2/15/2023

Mark this is Carey Loyds brother Mike. We were so grateful and honored to have y'all there today and we were so impressed with the proffessional behavior from all of your crew. It made his sendoff easier for all of us. My dad made a cash donation and I just got through matching it on the website. Thank y'all so much for what y'all do.

Please thank all of your crew for us. My brother would be so proud of this ceremony we had today thanks to y'all. We are proud of him and y'all.
Thank all of y'all for your service to our country.

— SGT Carey Loyd


Sir, your team was so awesome! My husband of 47 years was so honored by your presence Because of his sincerely of importance of being a Veteran! God Bless each of you for making it such a day to be proud for.
Diana Gasaway

— Michael Gasaway


Thank you for honoring Willie and his service. The weather certainly did not cooperate with us that day. He is in a better place and it is comforting to know his service to the United States was valued and appreciated.
Blessings to all who participated,
Mary Holt and family

— Willie Holt


Thank you so much for everything! Our family was very happy that y’all showed up and offered your help during this trying time. We truly appreciate you all for being there and making it special for us. Thank you for the beautiful photos.
Diana Olivares

— Julio Alvaredo


Hi T-Bone,
it was a pleasure meeting you Monday, January 23rd. You and the entire crew did an amazing job recognizing and honoring my dad, John Lee Ross, who now rests at DFW National Cemetery.
Thank you so much!
Dawn Ross

— John Lee Ross


Wow those are so beautiful as was the service. We were truly honored to have you brave men there with us. It meant so very much to us all. Words don’t mean much, but I thank you sincerely.
Angela Cardoza

— Jairo Cardoza


Oh my gosh, these pictures are everything! Thank you for capturing the moment. You did a great job. The Patriot Guard Riders were appreciated and made my dad’s service so special from beginning to end. Please relay my gratitude to the group.
Leslie Swinson

— George Griffey


Thank you so much. The service was so special and I know Fred would have felt so loved. This is such a wonderful group to honor our service men in such a way.
God Bless
Thank you for the link, the pictures will help me remember how special his service was.
Sally Morgan

— Frederick Morgan


— Robert Beauchamp


— Henley H. 'Buddy' Bennett


I want to sincerely thank the many PGR riders that provided the military
honors with US flags on January 16, 2023, to the funeral of SMSGT Carson
Leslie Dibble at his visitation and memorial service at the Lucas Funeral
Home in Hurst, Texas, followed by escort to the Smithfield Cemetery along
with US Flags and standing at attention during the urnment ceremony with
full military honors by the USAF.

It is particularly noted that so many riders attended and each entered the
memorial service and each solemnly saluted SMSGT Dibbles remains and
presented a certificate of honor to his wife as well as standing guard

His family, that are very long time personal friends of ours, and are
related to my daughter Cindy by marriage, very much appreciated the PGR
members dedication and respectful performances to honor SMSGT Dibble and his
wife and family for his dedicated USAF service of 22 years in Viet Nam and
many other bases.

The services of the Patriot Guard Riders provided to military families, to
show honor for their family member's dedicated services to the defense of
the United States, are invaluable for the support and recognition of their
families at a time of sorrow and loss.

Please extend the Dibble family's and my family's appreciation, to Ride
Captain Mike Moore and all the riders for a service well done with honor and
pride for our country's veterans.

With deep appreciation,
Lt. Colonel Charles E. Andrle, USAF (retired)

— SMSGT Carson Leslie Dibble


Tears in my eyes, as I write this. Your group has given us memories we otherwise would not have had. Nick truly got a farewell that reminded us of how honorable he was. May God abundantly bless each member of your group and meet all your varied needs as well as all the many families you support. These pictures and videos are phenomenal.
Joan, Shel & the entire family

— Delmar Schacht


Hi Mr. Little & Mr. Metzger,
Thank you and your team for the amazing honor of being part of my Dad's funeral on 01/04. I performed 2,000 funerals at Arlington National Cemetery within the USN Presidential Honor Guard. Out of all the funerals I have performed, I have never been so amazed and inspired by your team of vets on their bikes with the American flag; absolutely a beautiful memory I will forever treasure. It was an honor to shake all your team member's hands.
Being a Navy veteran myself, I am inspired to get a bike and give back as you all did. I just need to convince my wife.
Thank you,
Charles J. McKittrick

— Charles Robert McKittrick


I can't thank you enough T-Bone. I appreciate you all for a beautiful tribute.

— Charles Ray Wilkerson


Thank you so much! I tried to find you at the graveside to speak with you, but I think I just missed you. My apologies.
I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time and energy given towards my dads funeral. It was much more than anticipated! You and your volunteers were both professional and humble and it did not go unnoticed. I have to say the embroidered picture was unexpected and made me cry and will definitely be a family heirloom that we will cherish. I just looked at the link with the pictures and they also are so much more than I expected. Just so thankful to have them.
Your organization is such a blessing, and now that I know about it I will definitely share with others. Thank you so much for everything, please share my gratitude with the other volunteers.
Warm Regards,
Dagney Duck

— Lt. Gene Weaver


Thank you so much! It meant so much to have y’all present with the flags. We appreciate the large number of riders. The certificate was beautiful. We are beyond grateful for these photos. Specifically the photos of Karla being presented the flag will be a moment we can frame and keep forever. Thank you again

Grace Minter

— Joseph Andrews


Thank you all again for your support of my cousin Johnny. It was an honor to have you there and I know he would have been so very happy!
I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas.
thank you,

— Ronnie John Henthorn


Hello Buster - On behalf of the family, I wanted to drop a note of Thanks to you and the other riders from yesterday's ceremony. It meant a lot to us in the funeral procession and added the special decorum that Tommy would have loved, and wanted.
Again, Thank You --
Michael S. Pinksa


On behalf of our entire family, I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful and proud we all were for your participation. Tommy would have been in tears of joy and stood there in a full salute as well. I only wish he could have known y’all.
I am forwarding this to my family and we do want to make a donation to your amazing organization.
Blessings on all of you, each and every one. I think we were most brought to tears when we drove by that construction site and those boys took off their hard hats and put them over their hearts.
How touched we were.
Warm Regards,
Lin Hampton

— Clifford Edwards


Happy Good Morning All,
Just want to send out a great BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made the Snowball Express 2022 send-off at DFW such a wonderful time for these precious families! Every single one of you had a part in making this a very special memory for these families and we can not thank you enough for your participation!
We hope to see you next year!
Autumn Hedberg
Honor Team Coordinator, DFW
Customer Service Agent, DFW

— Snowball Express 2022


Thank you Mike and all the Patriot Guard for honoring our Dad. The pictures truly captured the memorial and we appreciate them very much. So many people told me that you being there added that special touch to his Celebration of Life. Thank you for your service and for honoring our Veterans.

— Terry David Walker


Thank you Ken for the photos. Your presence was much appreciated.
Kim Koch

— William Schwarzenbach


Hello Mark,
I have been thinking about how I could find the words to thank you and every single Patriot Guard Rider who was at dad's service. I hope you can share my message with them all.
I was fortunate to do one ride with dad not too long ago. I was humbled to be there and witness the respect you all show your fellow serivce members and their families, not thinking it would one day soon be me on the receiving end. What you all do is an act of love that can't be put into words. I know mom and dad felt deeply about the Missions. I remember just a week before dad passed, he was talking about wanting to try and do a mission.
Please accept my thanks for your care and love you all showed us. The pictures are amazing. And, thank you all for your service to our Country and for those who ride that didn't serve, thank you for honoring those who did.
With a grateful heart,
Daniele Loke and family

— Robert


Good morning T Bone….this is Jamille, the daughter of Robert Blackwell. I want to thank you and the fellow Patriot Riders for yesterday. Everything was beautiful….

— Robert Blackwell


Thank you Jeffrey!! We truly appreciate the Patriot Guard Riders for your presence and honoring our Father at the service and procession and presentation of the certificate and plaque. Again Thank you from all of our family and friends!!
-Richard G.

— Ascension Gonzales


Mike, thank you and your group for the respect and honor you all displayed during my son's
service. It was my privilege and honor to have your group there.
I had heard nothing but praise for your organization and you definitely delivered!l
Please pass along my heartfelt thanks for the service you provide to our Veterans.
Sincerely, Larry Currie

— Justen Currie


Heartfelt thanks to you and the Guard standing for Johnny at his committal ceremony. It was a wonderful tribute and helped me tremendously. I wish I had better words to express myself but please know that all of your efforts were very much appreciated.
Linda Jones


Mr. Ken Hammock and the NTPGR,
My family extends it’s heartfelt thanks for your presence, in the rain, to honor our beloved Marine Johnny.
As a member of the PGR myself, I know the sacrifice you make for a brother/sister that you’ve never met. I can assure you that the families very much appreciate your sacrifice and service!
Proud ETPGR and forever grateful,
Roger Morris and family of Johnny Jones

— John P. Jones, Jr


I would like to thank you for your participation at my husband's graveside service. My husband was so proud to have served for his country. I am so thankful that his service was acknowledged. You have no idea what it meant to me and my family for you were there to help us say goodbye. Thank you.
Zelma Bielat

— Martin Bielat


I cannot thank you enough for all you did yesterday. Your kindness and compassion gave great comfort to the family and there is nothing that compares to that comfort. May God bless you all.

— Nathan Johnson


Mr Kushnir,
Thank you so much for everything y’all did to honor my father! It meant so much to us to have y’all there!
Kelly McCullough & family

— Michael Dewey McCullough


I would just like to thank all of you for attending my husband's funeral. Also for the kind words to me and the beautiful plaque! It all meant so much to me and my family. i know my husband would have been so pleased!
May God Bless each of you!
Betty & Family

— MSgt James Willis


Gentlemen of the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders,
Our Family would like to Thank You for the pictures you provided and your participation in the Memorial Service for Curley Campbell on October 14, 2022.
We appreciate that you took the time to honor Curley and our family during this most sacred and solemn occasion.
God Bless you for what you do for the families of the fallen
Safe Rides forever,
Reba Campbell and Family

— CMSgt Curley Campbell


These are beautiful. Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate everything your group did at Daddy's service. The respect and dignity your group provided touched our hearts greatly.
Taryn Russell


Dear Mr. Hammock,
Please forgive the tardiness of this note - my intent was to send it much earlier but I'd get too emotional and would always think "maybe tomorrow....".
On October 10th, you and your very esteemed group accompanied our family to Southland Cemetery and respectfully watched over us as we laid my father, Lee Brown, to rest. It was you, Sir, who presented the flag to both my sister and stepmother. I just wanted to thank you from every hidden corner within my soul. Your care and honor toward this duty you performed for our family was tremendous and it absolutely touched all who were present. When you handed the flag to my sister, I hope you knew in your heart that you had done such a beautiful, beautiful act to assist in her healing. When you went to get the flag presented to my stepmother, you paused. You turned momentarily and allowed the flag to rest on my dad's casket for a moment before continuing to present it to my stepmother. Everyone witnessing that was touched deeply and overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. We could not have asked for a greater gentleman to have represented our father's military service than you. Thank you.
Again, I do apologize for taking so long to send this. You are wholly deserving of every honor & recognition for your flawless dedication to the somber duty you so perfectly executed. You stand out to my sister and I among the memories of that day. And the comfort we both share due to your selfless call to duty is not measurable. For this, please know how deeply, deeply we offer our gratitude and appreciation.
Wishing you an abundance of every blessing,
Hayley Armstrong


ALL of the very splendid men and women who shared their time and their very great respect that day touched our hearts. Each participant was so incredibly respectful and reverent. Please extend our gratitude to each one and let them know that we saw them. We felt them. The gift we were given in that moment on the 10th was 100% perfect and you and your colleagues just wrapped it all in the most platinum of Spirit. Such blessings you all truly, truly are. Again, I express my deepest thanks to everyone.
With deepest respect,
Hayley Armstrong


I'm a little late with my 'thank you' to you and the Patriot Guard for the beautiful and touching service you presented for Lee. I know he appreciated all you did to honor an Air Force veteran. He was very proud of his service. I will always cherish the flag you presented to me.
Thank you again for all you did.

— Lee Brown


Wayne so grateful y’all took pictures because I totally forgot!
And thank you for his certificate! Meant so much to us!

— Bobby McClacherty


Jose Trevino thank you

— MSgt Jose Trevino, Jr


Hi Darl,
I want to thank you and all of the volunteers that attended my father, Ralph Farra’s, service at DFW cemetery on Friday, October 7. I was so touched and honored by each of you and the beautiful presentation. I regret not being able to thank each volunteer that attended but please let them know how grateful I am. My Dad would have loved it!
Thank you for your continued service to families.
With deep appreciation,
Leslie Farra Ashley

— Ralph Farra


William Jones thank you

— William Jones


Dear Mark,
The photos that Linda took, and put together, are beyond what I expected. I sent them right out to his parents, family, and friends. So many people wished to be there but...you know how it is. I was so pleased to make them feel like they were there. You have no idea what that meant to us. Please give my thanks to Linda. She does a beautiful job!
We can't thank you enough for delivering the eulogy. You read it so perfectly. I feel like the heavens opened up and gave me a big helping hand for the final part of this journey. You and your group are my angels. You are such a gentleman and, I was grateful for your sturdy arm and compassion. It was our honor to have you all there. I wish I had it together better that day, and spent a moment with each one of you. Please pass along our thanks to all.
We were so pleased to read what the donation will be used for. What a wonderful thing that you do! It was the perfect ending for this occasion. Kevin was a flag guy, so it was great to read what you wrote. He made sure that his Dad had the pole and proper flag for the front yard. Dad puts it up and down every day. I see how important your organization is. I'm really proud of all of you. Thank you all for your service to our country also!
God Bless you and yours.
Sincerely, Julie

— Kevin Painter


Kevin Painter thank you 2

— Kevin Painter

09/24/2022 & 09/26/2022

— James Shortnacy


John Mueller thank you

— John Mueller


Thank you so much for coming out to Mike's service. The flags were incredible and the group honoring Mike's service was so wonderful.
It was a privilege to meet all of you and I love what you guys do for the veterans and their families.
I appreciate all of you more than I can express.

— Michael Joseph Everheart


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you guys. It turned out to be a lovely service, and the bald eagles at the end just lifted my spirits and gave me blessed assurance that he is in God's hands... thank you for everything y'all do on a daily basis, you will always be in my prayers.
Michele Armstrong

— James Armstrong


Thank you so much for everything!
Sharon Dorsey

— Lonnie Dorsey


I cannot thank you enough for your service and for volunteering to be there for my dad, and family. I appreciate it so much. The pictures are wonderful, thank you so much for capturing this special day. It was beautiful.
Marisol Valdez

— Roberto Valdez