Ride Captains

Welcome to the North Texas Ride Captains' page.  Here you will find current policies, procedures, reference materials and training materials.

The information contained in this section is intended for Ride Captains, Support and Leadership members only.

Build A Mission
Click Here for the Mission Builder

This form builds the mission notification email as well as the calendar event.  Once completed it will be sent out to the Leadership team, posted on the calendar and emailed to all registered riders.  The "Mission Builder" is used for any "funeral-associated" missions.

Click Here for the Community Event Mission Builder

This is a separate "builder" form for Community Events; the processing of a Community Event builder form is the same as for funeral-associated missions.

Need Location Specifics for your Mission?


To obtain the GPS coordinates:

  • bing.com/maps - RIGHT click the location you need; a window pops up and, at the bottom, you'll see the coordinates and a copy button
  • maps.google.com - RIGHT click the location you need; a window pops up and the coordinates appear at the top; LEFT click on those coordinates and they'll be copied to your clipboard

To obtain a short URL for any given address, you can make use of the SHARE function:
NOTE:  The short URL is no longer required for processing your mission as ALL map URLs, long or short, are "hidden" under the link text "Map to Staging,Part 2" or similar wording - and the same applies for Obituary URLs!

  • bing.com/maps - See the left sidebar, the photos at the top, it's the middle of the three circular buttons
  • maps.google.com - See the left sidebar, the five buttons under the address found, it's the fifth one