Charlie David Howard

Sep 23rd 2:00 pm - 2:00 pm
US Navy Veteran
Vietnam Era
MRC - Mark Ingersoll

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Mission Summary


Military Branch:


United States Navy






Vietnam Era Veteran




Mission Segments:


Memorial Service; Procession

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Condolences Link


It is strongly encouraged that everyone goes to the Condolences Link above and post a brief message of condolence/sympathy to the family on the loss of their loved one. It is regularly mentioned how those kind words bring great comfort to a family member.


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Mission Ride Captain:


Mark Ingersoll


Ride Captain # 2:


Wendy Ingersoll







The PGR have been invited to join "No Neck's" family and friends at his memorial service in Ennis, and then join them for his final ride to a celebration of his life and service to our country and his community at a private club in Italy.



Summer Hydration Alert

 It's every Rider's personal responsibility to hydrate prior to attending a mission.  Begin drinking water the night before.  Drink water when you wake up and continue drinking water all day to ensure your body stays hydrated.


Part 1 – Memorial Service and Procession



Mission Date:


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Staging Time:



Briefing Time:



In Position/KSU Time:



Starting Time:



Staging Point:


Creechville Baptist Church

Staging Address:


900 Creechville Road
Ennis, TX  75119


Staging Area Map:


Link to Map

Staging Area GPS:


32.323743, -96.610870



Upon arrival at the staging point, we will assist in setting the flags as necessary.  Following the briefing, we will establish a flag line and await the arrival of Mr. Howard, his family and friends.  We will render honors as Mr. Howard is transferred to the Church.  After the start of the Memorial Service, we will strike the flag line and return the flags to the support vehicle where we will furl and stow them.  At that time, the support vehicle, one of the Ride Captains, and any Riders not participating in the procession will relocate to the clubhouse in Italy to set the flag line there.

All personnel remaining for the procession will receive a safety briefing and prepare for the procession.  As Mr. Howard is returned to the lead vehicle, we will again render honors and then mount up for the procession.  Departure is anticipated to be around 1545 to 1600.  This is only an estimate.


Procession Info:

The Ennis PD will escort the procession out of Ennis.  The route is just over twenty-one miles and we will maintain 50 MPH or less to accommodate flag bikes.  Cages may join the procession behind the bikes.


Flag/Water Support:


Randy & Nicki Smith will provide flags and water.





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